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For fans

Rewarding fans should be rewarding

Branded card & loyalty programs for sport teams and trading venues. No set up, licensing and operating fees. Launch in weeks. Earn revenue monthly.

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Earn revenue fast, hassle—free.

Focus on your core business while we provide best experiences for your fans

Monetise loyalty

Service your fans with unique access to branded cards & much more.

Monetise loyalty

New revenue stream — transaction and monthly cards fees. Revenue share business. Make instant revenue from monthly card service fees, earn new sponsorships and engage your fans like never before. wCard branded card programs helps you strengthen your customer relationships better than ever. Customer satisfaction leads to more frequent and valuable transactions with your brand.

Drive sponsorships

Deepen your knowledge of customers with global big-data analytics.

Drive sponsorships

We’re offering co-branded cards for businesses who already sponsor sport teams to leverage the existing synergy with advanced accountability.

Operate effortlessly

No licenses, operations or support teams needed

Operate effortlessly

We cover product development, licensing, card processing, marketing & fan loyalty systems, customer support, fraud and AML teams. With each and every new region we provide additional teams to support the business.

Enter new markets

Move beyond local borders to engage with fans worldwide

Enter new markets

Cater to your fans beyond physical reach and existing experiences. Keep your brand on top of mind and top of wallet, on your website, app and other channels.

Become a Super Brand

Become a Super Brand

Clear and compelling rewards designed for your superfans

Become a Superbrand

The Branded wCard programs helps strengthen the relationship with your fans like never before


Acquire better sponsorship deals

With our advanced analytics platform, you‘re able to leverage transactional big-data to profoundly understand your superfans and their value for your sponsors.

Start a card program within 12 weeks

Enter our fast track system in 5 steps


Sign a partnership agreement



We provide you with fancard designs and the registration site

web design


We provide you with the fancard super app

mobile card


We help you set up a ready to launch communication campaign.

app store


Issue the first virtual cards


Make customer loyalty work for you

Your brand, in partnership with wCard to offer a card designed around you

  • wCard earns a club millions of euros.

    • Monetize your fans in 27 european countries
    • Earn 25% more merchandise revenue
    • Earn 15 % bigger budgets and attract new sponsorships
    • Earn 1 M euro starting from 1 M fanbase in the year 1
  • wCard empowers you to make more money for your faithful sponsors.

    • Attract big data-driven sponsorships that matter to your brand
    • Unlock new flexible channel across markets and geographies
    • Provide tailor-made embedded loyalty programs
    • Achieve 3 fold sponsorship retention uplift
  • wCard brings fandom no other payment card can

    • Provide stadium fast track access
    • Create a unified and simplified loyalty program
    • Provide unique experiences: honorary benchwarmer, VIP zone access, lunch with a player
    • Provide unique and personalised merchandise
    • Provide early access to ticketing
    Rewarding superfans
Rewarding superfans

Our trusted partners.

Visa Intergiro

Secure & Compliant

To Create wCard we needed an issuing fintech and a global payment network. wCard is the first supercard for superfans Intergiro has issued and they were open to do things in a new way. And the strength of the VISA network means wCard is accepted worldwide. 

All our software, computing capacities, storage systems and network connections are PCI DSS compliant.

Intergiro Intl AB (publ). Company no: 556965-3537. Regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) under the Swedish Electronic Money Act (2011:755). License no: 48003.


How much can your club earn in extra revenue?

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